Welding Electrode Plant and Machinery

Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine:

pro1The drawn coil wire loaded in a coil stand, passes through a high speed unbalanced spinner dies suited in spinner, subsequently cut to standard lengths within required tolerance. The wires are stored in racks. they are moved to the wire feeder in racks using pallet truck.

Model GM100 GM200
Cutting Speed 80-100 cuts/min in 3.15x350mm electrode quality IS2879 MS wire 180-200 cuts/min in 3.15x350mm electrode quality IS2879 MS wire
Feed Roller Ø75mm Ø100mmHCHCR
Scaling Bar High carbon high chromium hardened plate inset High carbon high chromium hardened plate inset
Spinner Die Tungsten carbide Tungsten carbide
Cutter Nozzle High carbon high chromium High carbon high chromium
Power 5 HP 11 HP
Coil Stand Capacity 200 Kg 300 Kg
Gear Box SA200(5:1) SA237(5:1)


Briquetting Press:

The wet mixed paste filled and compacted in the cylinder to produce briquettes (cake) by using hydraulic press.

Specifications Model SP 5 SP 6 SP 12 SP 20 SP 25
Operating Pressure Kg/cm2 140 150 160 160 165
Oil Cylinder Bore mm 80 80 100 160 160
Piston Rod Dia mm 45 45 50 70 80
Flux Cylinder Bore mm 95 110 145 195 220
Slug Height mm 150 150 170 170 200
Pump Motor HP 3 5 5 10 15

briquetting Press 2


Extrusion Plant & Conveyor:


The Briquettes are directly loaded into the extrusion press; Wire feeder feeds the required cut wire into the coating area. The specific high pressure generated in the extruder ensure compact and uniform flux coated at die head; concentricity of coating is easily adjustable, the flux coated electrodes are transfer to conveyor, which takes care of brushing, Tip end Cleaning, Brand Name printing and passes to unload, at the end of conveyor. At last the electrode is collected at collecting tray.

Specifications Model EP40 1T EP50 2T EP100 5T EP200 8T EP225 12T
Hydraulic Operating Capacity [MAX] Kg/cm2 165 165 165 165 165
Hydraulic Cylinder Dimension bore mm 200 225 320 405 450
Extrusion cylinder dimension bore mm 100 115 145 200 225
Power Consumption HP 5 7.5 28 44 59

Wire Feeder

Wire Feeder New

The cut wires are loaded at hopper. Two sets of pickup rollers under hopper feeds the wires into the gearbox. The gearbox consisting of two sets of knurled / grooved rollers feeds the wire into the die head block. The variable driver to the pickup roller and the gearbox is given through hydraulically or AC motors.

Specifications Model WF 2 WF 3 WF 5 WF 8 WF 12
Range of wire size mm 1.6 – 6.3 2 – 6.3 2 – 6.3 2 – 6.3 2 – 6.3
Length of wire mm 300 – 450 300 – 450 300 – 450 300 – 450 300 – 450
Wire feeding speed m/min max of pcs /min 140 210 280 420 420
Power Consumption HP 5.5 8.5 8.5 13.5 13.5

Electrode Baking Oven


The oven is provided with the following safety measures. The heating elements and the blower motors are electrically interlocked so that unless the motor is switched on the heating cannot be energized. A door limit switch is provided to switch off the heating elements when the oven door is opened. The automatic temperature controller is incorporated with the thermocouple device circuit so that in case of the failure of the thermocouple or its leads, the heater will be switched off. The baked electrodes are taken to the packing section. We are also manufacturing Gas fired oven 150° & 400°

Dry De-Coating Machine

pro6The dry de-coating machine peel outs the coating of backed rejected electrodes to be separate from the wire.

Wet De-Coating Machine



The wet de- coating machine removes the wet rejected/damaged flux coating to be separated from the wire, so that the both wire and flux can be re-used.

Wire Washing Machine



The wire washing machine was used to eliminate the coating of flux from the core wire.

Flux Sieving Machine



Flux sieving machine is used for separating the flux powder from the foreign particles.

Dry Mixer:

We are in the business of fabricating the state of art machines for the purpose of dry mixing of chemicals. We manufacture, export and supply a wide range of dry mixers.

In these machines powders or dry chemicals are taken in calculated measures and poured into a mixing chamber through a funnel. The machine runs on a motor which moves the chamber in the reverse and forward direction.

This kind of technique is very useful in obtaining a homogenized mixture. These dry mixers cater to the requirements of various industrial applications. Our machines are known for their ease of operation and low maintenance.

Capacity 500 Kg 1000 Kg
Shell Dia 640 mm 1000 mm
Shell Height 670 mm 1060 mm
Motor 5 HP 15 HP
Gear Box U400 U800

Dry mixer



  • Auto stop timer
  • Easy to operate
  • Safety limit switch
  • Even pigment and chemical mixing


Wet Mixer:


Keeping space with the growing demands and requirements of the industry usages we have come up with a sophisticated and highly efficient wet mixer. These mixers are used to blend the dry powder of flux with a binding agent to obtain a wet mixture.

These machines are able to make even homogenized wet mixtures using different raw materials. These have found applications in various domains like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, food, plastic and many others.

An even pressure is maintained throughout the process in the drum of mixtures of varying volumes to obtain a flawless end result. We offer wet mixers in a range of capacities and the design can even be customized to suit the requirement.

Capacity 100 Kg Including Binder 150 Kg Including Binder
Shell Dia 1100 mm 1262 mm
Shell Height 550 mm 600 mm
Shell Bottom 20 mm 20 mm
Rollers MS fabrication X rollerdia 350 width 120 MS fabrication X rollerdia 350 width 145




  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • High ease of operation
  • Various capacities of drums
  • Single operator handling
  • Homogeneity of granules/ mix
  • Machines available in different sizes
  • Fully automated operation