Extrusion Plant & Conveyor

Extrusion Plant & Conveyor:


The Briquettes are directly loaded into the extrusion press; Wire feeder feeds the required cut wire into the coating area. The specific high pressure generated in the extruder ensure compact and uniform flux coated at die head; concentricity of coating is easily adjustable, the flux coated electrodes are transfer to conveyor, which takes care of brushing, Tip end Cleaning, Brand Name printing and passes to unload, at the end of conveyor. At last the electrode is collected at collecting tray.

Specifications Model EP40 1T EP50 2T EP100 5T EP200 8T EP225 12T
Hydraulic Operating Capacity [MAX] Kg/cm2 165 165 165 165 165
Hydraulic Cylinder Dimension bore mm 200 225 320 405 450
Extrusion cylinder dimension bore mm 100 115 145 200 225
Power Consumption HP 5 7.5 28 44 59