Industrial Mixer

Dry Mixer:

We are in the business of fabricating the state of art machines for the purpose of dry mixing of chemicals. We manufacture, export and supply a wide range of dry mixers.

In these machines powders or dry chemicals are taken in calculated measures and poured into a mixing chamber through a funnel. The machine runs on a motor which moves the chamber in the reverse and forward direction.

This kind of technique is very useful in obtaining a homogenized mixture. These dry mixers cater to the requirements of various industrial applications. Our machines are known for their ease of operation and low maintenance.

Capacity 500 Kg 1000 Kg
Shell Dia 640 mm 1000 mm
Shell Height 670 mm 1060 mm
Motor 5 HP 15 HP
Gear Box U400 U800

Dry mixer



  • Auto stop timer
  • Easy to operate
  • Safety limit switch
  • Even pigment and chemical mixing


Wet Mixer:


Keeping space with the growing demands and requirements of the industry usages we have come up with a sophisticated and highly efficient wet mixer. These mixers are used to blend the dry powder of flux with a binding agent to obtain a wet mixture.

These machines are able to make even homogenized wet mixtures using different raw materials. These have found applications in various domains like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, food, plastic and many others.

An even pressure is maintained throughout the process in the drum of mixtures of varying volumes to obtain a flawless end result. We offer wet mixers in a range of capacities and the design can even be customized to suit the requirement.

Capacity 100 Kg Including Binder 150 Kg Including Binder
Shell Dia 1100 mm 1262 mm
Shell Height 550 mm 600 mm
Shell Bottom 20 mm 20 mm
Rollers MS fabrication X rollerdia 350 width 120 MS fabrication X rollerdia 350 width 145




  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • High ease of operation
  • Various capacities of drums
  • Single operator handling
  • Homogeneity of granules/ mix
  • Machines available in different sizes
  • Fully automated operation